Songwriters @ Mission – Seth Stambovsky, Tom Gizzi

Seth Stambovsky
April 11, 9P

Seth Stambovsky
“Small boy plays big music. Pittsfield MA native, 22 year old Stambovsky Creates a natural, gritty musical environment by combining folk, rock, indie, and pop in an elaborate yet simple style with a delivery as powerful as the music itself. Taking musical stylings from the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Band, and various modern groups, Seth attempts to bring you to a happy medium of folky country, and soulful pop, topping it off with a edge rock sound. Calming, gentle songs begin by lulling the audience in and then pulls at the heart strings with its dynamic and emotional climax.”

Tom Gizzi
April 15, 9P

Tom Gizzi plays the “senior circuit,” performing at assisted living facilities as well as at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. Playing guitar since he was a teen, most of his songs are inspired by the 30 years he has spent living in the Berkshires.
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