Thursday, Apr. 28 – 7pm-? Troeg’s Night!

That’s right kids! It’s Troeg’s Night here at Mission! Come by with ALL of your friends, for we have a full firkin of Java Head Stout on cask to kick! What the #!?& is a firkin you say? Click here to find out. Also, we will feature another one of their brewskis on draft and try to get some offerings in the bottle as well. Chef James Burden will whip up munchies, Caitlin, Billy and Laura will be here, pumped to pump the cask, our Troeg’s rep, Jason, will be here, shaking hands and kissing babies (well, maybe not the babies part, but he’ll be here to host a good time with us!). Tell your friends. And your friend’s friends. Troeg’s Night 7-? at Mission, Thursday, April, 28th.

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