Saturday, Feb. 19 @ 8PM – HuDost

HuDost’s sound is a rich, eclectic blending of Pop and Rock with traditional Sufi music, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian and Balkan folk music, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic and Folk. Their sound crosses all borders and barriers, taking the listener on a journey they will not soon forget.

As a commanding Neo Folk World Rock group, HuDost is best known for letting the music speak for itself. Their forthcoming release, entitled Waking the Skeleton Key, contains the first songs written by lead singer Moksha Sommer since she underwent brain surgery to have a tumor removed which impacted her language abilities. Music was her primary tool in fully regaining all that was lost and continuing to grow as a musician and a lyricist. Both her resilience and the fragility of life come through in these songs.

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