JUST ANNOUNCED AS A DOUBLE BILL! Saturday, Mar. 5 @ 8PM – Bell Engine & Johnny Irion SOLD OUT!

Bell Engine’s songs have an undeniable momentum. Fueled by strong acoustic rhythms, funky basslines, and gorgeous harmonies, the tunes are well crafted, driving and energized. Musical comparisons range from Tom Petty to The Plastic Ono Band, Elliot Smith to Nirvana. Catagorizing Bell Engine’s music is challenging… labeling them as acoustic rock severly limits the variety and depth of their songs and arrangements. Songwriters John Clarke and Lisa Anderson each bring their distinct signatures to their songs… the combined result rolls like a train, bringing the audience along for the ride while they sit back and dig the view. March 5th, 8pm, NO COVER! Click here to sample their music.

Johnny Irion, just days after the release of Bright Examples, will take to the Window as well on Saturday, March 5th. Bright Examples finds Sara Lee Guthrie (Irion’s wife and creative counterpart) and Irion taking their patented country-rock sound and tilting it in a direction Guthrie describes as “more atmospheric or psychedelic, sort of dreamy but colorful.”

The songwriting on Bright Examples reflects many of the experiences and emotions that Sarah Lee and Johnny have encountered over the past half-decade, and the production is crisp, consistently imaginative and captures the spontaneity of the tracks being recorded live with a full ensemble. Vibrant instrumental accents arrive via pedal steel guitar, accordion, piano, Hammond organ and a wall of guitars, and rich vocal harmonies abound, influenced by great duo acts like the Louvin Brothers and the Everly Brothers. One track, “Seven Sisters,” features a reunion of sorts between original Jayhawks Louris and Mark Olson. The grooves range from funky New Orleans soul to ’60s-esque power pop to honky-tonk country, a feel-good vibe coursing throughout the tracks. “That’s our job,” says Guthrie. “There are definitely some dark moments but we still have to be positive. It’s hard for us not to be. We’ve tried.”

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